Six local organizations will gather together for a “United Fund Day of Caring” to help a local family by rehabbing their shower to make it wheelchair accessible. The project will begin Saturday, May 21 with demolition.

Coming to the United Fund office seeking advice and help, the Shinsky family of Norwalk, said their shower seat had worn through for the second time in ten years. Husband and father Joe, who is in a wheelchair, has to pull himself over to the shower seat. That daily routine has worn a hole through the seat for the second time.
Having worked with ACT (Answering the Call Together) in the past, we contacted Dave Wallace, executive director of ACT, and have partnered with them to get the project done.

We have received funding from the Norwalk Lions Club and ACT has secured volunteers to make the Day of Caring possible
Wallace called upon our Norwalk Police and Fire Departments and Harry Brady of Carpenters Local #744. Both Police & Fire Chiefs and Brady will personally help complete the project along with other volunteers from those organizations over a 4 day period.

Wallace said, “People are coming together to care for our neighbors and make great things happen. We don’t always know who our angels are – most wish to remain anonymous – but local people have gathered together for United Fund and ACT projects in the past. We want to see it continue.”

“All of these organizations feel it’s important to give back to the community,” said Bersche. “We are still looking for 5 or 6 volunteers for Saturday May 21 to help with the demolition.”

Bersche continued, “But we couldn’t do this rehab without funding. The Norwalk Lions Club will provide funds through their Community Relief Fund with us. We are grateful that this local civic club is willing to help with this much needed shower.

Police Department volunteers will work Monday May 23, the Fire Department on Tuesday and Carpenters Local will finalize the project on Wednesday.

Although it will be difficult to be without the shower for 5 days, the Shinsky’s have family in town to help them out.

Follows is the schedule for the project:

  • Saturday May 21 with the demolition
  • Monday May 23 work day sponsored by the Norwalk Police
  • Tuesday May 24 Norwalk Fire
  • Wednesday, May 25 – the Carpenters Local will finalize the project.