United Fund Community Initiatives

Huron County InterAgency Council
A quarterly meeting of people from local agencies and organizations come together and discuss what programs and services are being offered in the community. Our mission is to work together and help each other as we address local issues, eliminate duplication of services, and assure our local donations are put to best use. Office Supply Exchange and Centerpiece Loan Program help our local organizations save money. If you are interested in attending the quarterly meetings or getting our IAC email updates & reminders please call our office at 419-668-0269 or email norwalkunitedfund@gmail.com. To learn more click here

Bridges Out of Poverty
Working with Erie County, our Huron County Bridges Task Force is training and equipping local agencies to break the cycles of generational poverty with their clients and patients, leading to the benefit of the whole community. To learn more click here
Getting Ahead Classes
Getting Ahead is step 2 in a 3-step process to become a Bridges Community. People in poverty who take Getting Ahead Classes become investigators in their own efforts to lift their families out of poverty. We will continue to work with individuals after their 18 sessions of Getting Ahead to encourage them on their path to stability. To learn more click here

By simply dialing 2-1-1, this board and community sponsored initiative connects residents of Huron County seeking assistance, to resources and programs. To learn more click here

Charity Tracker
Charity Tracker is a community database the United Fund has initiated. Better communications among local agencies and organizations will help us identify families who need assistance so a long term plan can be developed with them and they may attain long-term stability. By working together we eliminated duplication of services and maximize our resources to include new families in crisis.

Huron County Housing Task Force & Continuum of Care
The Task Force was founded by the United Fund in 1992 to address concerns about the homeless in our area. Surveys showed women and children to be most affected, resulting in the establishment of the Miriam House by Catholic Charities. The committee continues to meet quarterly.


United Fund Programs

Packing for Basket Basics

Basket Basics Project

The Basket Basics Project  was put in place in 2001 to help families who “fall through the cracks” – those families that aren’t asking, or expecting assistance. We take referrals from Board Members and area businesses and then drop off bags of household and personal goods to the referred families. Collection of items takes place in local businesses, agencies, and with volunteers.

Landscaping at a Day of Caring Site
Landscaping at a Day of Caring Site





United Fund Days of Caring
Volunteers help our community clean up, pain, build, etc. It’s all a matter of getting people together to help – and of course, lunch is nice too!



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Canning Day fun!



Community Canning Day with Partner Trinity Lutheran Church

Teach a skill, learn a skill. Encouraging local churches and organizations to adopt this great program to keep our pantries full while promoting inter-generational conversation. Over 50 families have benefited from this project.





Winter Sweater Drive



Winter Sweater Drive 
Donate a sweater and we’ll give it to someone who needs it. We accept sweaters at all times, but recruit them during January & February. Sweaters are typically taken to nursing homes and many community agencies.




The Prom Dress Room


Prom Dress Project
Donated formal dresses (new & gently used) are given to students in Huron County and surrounding areas who would not be able to attend prom or homecoming due to lack of a dress. All referrals come from prom advisors, principals and guidance counselors of twelve area high schools.





1, 2, 3, Read to Meuntitled-2
A Student Board Member led program that encourages reading at all ages. We are striving to make books available to those who have difficulty obtaining reading material. Look for bookshelves in the community as we get them into place. If you’d like to set up a bookshelf where you’re at, give our office a call at 419-668-0269. To learn more click here


Zoe Project with partner Trinity Lutheran Church
A mentorship program with local high school girls. We teach them life skills and good decision making. We make presentations in area schools, following up with group discussion or, for those who are more interested, a one-on-one meeting. To learn more click here