How You Can Help

Your support allows us to improve thousands of lives in our community. We need you to join us in fighting the good fight, because only when we are United, are we Better Together

Run A Workplace Campaign at your Company

Corporate and employees get involved with the United Fund by raising money for the campaign through individual, corporate and payroll donations. A creative approach, such as holding raffles or having a jeans day can help raise funds, share in a common cause and build team spirit.

Accept the Corporate Pacesetter Challenge

Join other businesses and individuals who step forward and give early, setting the pace for a successful annual fundraising campaign.


If you’re interested in giving back by sharing your time and talents with the United Fund, one of our community projects or a funded program, please contact us.

Individual Giving

Whether you give through your home through a direct mailing or pick up your pledge card through work – the collective result makes an impact for the programs we fund. A check can be written out to Norwalk Area United Fund and sent to:

United Fund
2 E. Seminary St. Norwalk, OH 44857

Make a Leadership Donation

Individuals are welcomed into United Fund’s Pillars Society when you contribute $1000 or more annually to the United Fund Campaign.

Sponsor a United Fund Event

Sponsorship opportunities for United Fund’s special events and projects are available (i.e. Tool Time). Please contact us for more information.

Speaker’s Bureau

If you are interested in having the United Fund speak at your business or event, we are eager to do so. We have spoken to several different community groups, businesses, and schools in the area, so we have plenty of experience.

We are passionate about what is happening in our community and with the United Fund, and enjoy sharing it with those around us.

If you would like for us to speak to you, contact us at 419-668-0269 or via email at