The Huron County InterAgency Council was created by Anabell Stewart, Director of the Norwalk Office of the CAC, in an effort to address the need for agency networking and information sharing. The first meeting took place in 1986.

For over 20 years, IAC has been a program of the Norwalk Area United Fund and its mission remains the same:

To promote a better understanding of available community supports, reduce duplication and identify gaps in services, and make the best use of area resources through communication, cooperation, and collaboration.

Quarterly Meetings
The InterAgency Council is based on quarterly meetings that take place in February, May, August & November. Occasionally, we’ll host an extra event or follow-up meeting for those who are interested in a special or emergency issue. If you are interested in attending the quarterly meetings or getting our IAC email updates & reminders please call our office at 419-668-0269 or email norwalkunitedfund@gmail.com

2018 Schedule




February 22nd


Job & Family Services Conference Room

May 10th


Job & Family Services Conference Room

August 23rd

9-10:30 am

Job & Family Services Conference Room

November 15th

9-10:30 am

Job & Family Services Conference Room

Information sharing at an InterAgency Council Meeting.

What Happens at an InterAgency Council Meeting?
9-9:20a :
A speaker addresses the group with relevant information about a current community issue.
9:20-10 :
Agency Sharing time. Attendees are given time for a ’30-second commercial’ to update everyone on what is happening at their agency, organization, or church.
10-10:30 : 
Time is allotted for networking purposes, exchanging of business cards and planning partnerships and collaborations.

Elaine Barman from the HCPH presents at an IAC meeting.
Elaine Barman from the HCPH presents at an IAC meeting.

For the first 20 minutes of each meeting, we have a speaker address an appropriate need in the community. Speakers are typically from agencies and organizations in the area. If you are interested in speaking at an InterAgency Council meeting, or have an issue that should be addressed, please contact our office.

Networking, Partnerships & Collaborations
With designated time to spend conversing and negotiating among your peers, it’s an opportunity to share ideas and get work done with colleagues. Not only do we do networking at the meetings, we do it through email as well. We send out frequent emails with community updates, events and agency news. We also use this platform to share information when people have things they are willing to give away, such as furniture or medical supplies. If you’re interested in getting our emails, let us know at norwalkunitedfund@gmail.com.

Kids, Music and the Great Outdoors
Art, Music and the Great Outdoors will inform the community of events taking place in the area. These events will mostly be kid-related, free, and will focus on the healthy lifestyles of music and activity and trying new things. Check our website, Facebook, or call the office for more info.

Office Supply Exchange
At each meeting, we host the Office Supply Exchange. Bring what you need and take what you do! It’s a chance for people to get rid of excess in their office and help others out as you clean the closet. Bring anything as small as paperclips and pens to things as large as office furniture or computers. Anything you are not using could be benefited by someone else and help save on their budget.

Centerpiece Loan
Like a library loan, centerpieces can be loaned out to agencies/organizations who are having an event. The Centerpiece Loan is a chance for anyone to borrow table decor and therefore save money. We have several different options at our office. To keep the project running, donations are always welcome. If you are interested in either donating a centerpiece or borrowing one, please contact our office.