Funded Programs & Grants

We fund programs in the Impact Areas of Education, Health, and Family Stability, which were decided by our Board of Directors to be the most critical areas of need in our Community.

United Fund Community Initiatives

Huron County Assistance Network consists of 3 services we provide: Resource & Referral, Charity Tracker and InterAgency Council.

Resource & Referral

We pride ourselves in being the community resource & referral hub. We are constantly researching new programs, services, learning opportunities, and funding sources around our community.

We have a resource specialist who obtains requests from clients seeking assistance from resources, both public and private. The specialist can navigate a database of organizations and support systems. Have questions, give us a call!

Charity Tracker

Charity Tracker is a community database the United Fund has initiated for better communications among local agencies. Our goal is to easily identify families who need assistance so a long-term plan can be developed with them, in hopes that they attain long-term stability. By working together we provide stability and maximize our resources to include new families in crisis. 

InterAgency Council

A quarterly meeting of people from local agencies and organizations come together and share current programs and services are being offered in the community.

Our mission is to work together and help each other as we address local issues, eliminate duplication of services, and assure our local donations are put to best use.

If you are interested in attending the quarterly meetings or getting our IAC email updates & reminders please call our office at 419-668-0269 or email 

United Fund Programs

The Basket Basics Project

Put in place in 2001 to help families get back on their feet. We take referrals from Board Members and area businesses year-round, then drop off bags of household and personal goods to the referred families. Collection of items take place in local businesses, agencies, and with volunteers.

Days Of Caring

Volunteers help our community clean up, paint, build, etc. It’s all a matter of getting people together to help – and of course, lunch is nice too!

1,2,3 Read to Me

A Student Board Member led program that encourages reading at all ages. We are striving to make books available to those who have difficulty obtaining reading material.

Look for our 19 bookshelves around the community! If you’d like to set up a bookshelf where you’re at, give our office a call at 419-668-0269. To learn more click here

Click here to see further details about the impact our funded programs have on our local neighbors.