Several months ago, Senior Enrichment Services let us know they needed a little landscaping work done in the front of their building. So we contacted several local agencies and businesses to see if they could help us out. Christie Lane was quick to volunteer!









We prayed for rain the night before, but instead of the easy way out, we were blessed with the opportunity to really use our muscles! So, six of us spent the better part of a beautiful Thursday morning digging out well-rooted weeds and pruning dead peony bushes to spruce up their little garden area.

Several days later, the Christie Lane Crew returned  – this time to spread mulch! Once again, we spent a beautiful July morning making sure the landscaping at Senior Enrichment Services met it’s best potential. Below is a photo of the garden after we completed our landscaping checklist.

A big thank you goes to Joy Rusynyk, Community Coordinator at Christie Lane, who made this possible. In total, it took about 12 hours of volunteer time, and we are so very grateful for the time they give our community! Joy is always looking for community projects around Norwalk – if you have one she might be able to do – give our office a call and we’ll hook you up!