The Budget & Admissions Committee

“As a long time United Fund board member, I have been involved with almost every aspect of its workings.  I have been Board President, worked with the annual fund raising campaign, and all sorts of other community fundraisers, public relations and budgets and admissions.  The Budget and Admissions Committee (B & A) is the heart and soul of what we do.

Once a year we ask local non-profit agencies to fill out application forms for funds for community programs they provide if they want to be considered for funding. Each program must provide a service for an identified community need in the communities we serve – Monroeville, Norwalk, Collins and Wakeman.  Each program must report the outcome or results of what it is accomplishing.

The 12-member committee, made up of local business and community minded individuals, visits each agency in buddy teams.  After the site visits we then meet with every agency to review their request for grant funding.  Following the committee review, we recommend funding to the United Fund board for approval and set the fall goal.

But the process does not stop after approval and the goal is set.  We request quarterly reports and review each program to make sure that it is still meeting program outcomes.  Also, part of our duty is to review any emergency or community grant requests for funds.

The people who serve on this committee are dedicated and hard working individuals who give their time to help our community to make it better.  This is also the most rewarding part of what I do for the United Fund.”

-Howard Wilde, Jakes AutoCare