Executive Committee

Members include the four officers, past-president and two (or more) appointments by the President. This committee acts on behalf of the Board of Directors between board meetings and meets 4 to 6 times per year and as needed. This Committee also acts as the Marketing Team: reviewing materials and budget, advertising, media press releases, etc.

Finance Committee & Investment Team

Oversees the day to day financial operations: banking, investing, review and direction.

Audit Committee

A Chairperson plus 2-3 outside appointees review all financials: books, banking, tax documents.

Budget & Admissions Committee

This committee recommends funding decisions to the United Fund Board of Directors. Together, they discuss community problems and how your donated dollars will be put to best use in funding solutions to those problems. The committee includes board members and representatives from the community and area businesses.
January – May members are involved in the rigorous review process: analyzing budget requests from local non-profit agencies, conducting agency site visits, and full committee interviews with each applicant agency.
Budget recommendations are sent to the board to finalize agency program funding, United Fund programming and grants, administrative & campaign expenses to set the fall goal.

Campaign Committee

Develops a Campaign process to build upon our past structure: materials, recruit volunteers, contact individual and corporate donors, campaign reports & meetings.

Programs & Events Committee

Program & Event planning for year round visibility,
United Fund Community activities, events and fundraisers

Nominating Committee

Three to five members meet in October and November to set nominations for board and officer elections at the annual meeting in December.

Bridges Out of Poverty Task Force
& Getting Ahead Classes

Dedicated Bridges-trained individuals from our community set plans for agency staff training to learn how to understand and help people get out of poverty. Training is available for other facilitators in Bridges constructs. Getting Ahead classes for those in poverty who want to “get ahead” attend workshops twice a week for 9 weeks. They become investigators, learning for themselves, the rules for a successful future.

Community Grants
Emergency Grants
Scout Funding Grants
Individual Scout Scholarships

Allocated funds from campaigns are to be used for area 501(c)(3) organizations; intended to further their mission and used for general operations, specific programs or capital purchases. Grant funds are also intended to add flexibility for emergency issues that arise in the community.


Board, Associate, Student & Committee Members are volunteers