Friday, August 10th – Board Meeting
Thursday, August 22nd – InterAgency Council Meeting
Sunday, August 26th – Olde Wrestling. More Info Here.


Friday, September 14th – Board Meeting
Week of September 17-21st – Kickoff Week
Tuesday, September 18th – Spelling Bee. (More info Here)
Thursday, September 20th, Kickoff Breakfast
September 10th – ? – Big Mailing (need lots of volunteers)


Friday, October 12th – Board Meeting
Friday & Saturday, October 6-7th – Rummage Sale at Roll it Forward Rummage Sale
Thursday, October 19th – Bridges Out of Poverty Day 1 Training (More Info Here)
Friday, October 20th – Diversity Training with Jodi Pfarr (More Info Here)
Monday, October 30th – Bridges Out of Poverty Day 2 Training (More Info Here)


Thursday, November 1st – Pillars Reception

Friday, November 9th – Board Meeting
Thursday, November 16th – InterAgency Council Meeting
Basket Basics Collections Begin


Friday, December 14th – Board Meeting
Tuesday, December 17th – Basket Packing for Basket Basics