About the United Fund​

  • The United Fund is local, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting the needs of our community and its families.
  • United Fund impacts our community not only by funding a safety net of services for people needing short-term, emergency assistance, but also working with other agencies and organizations to identify the underlying causes of our most critical local issues.
  • We then fund solutions to address those issues through local programs making positive, long-term changes in people’s lives rather than just a short-term fix – giving people the tools they need to move towards self-sufficiency.
  • We don’t just support our organizations financially, we support them with learning opportunities such as “Boardmanship”, “Financial Health in non-profits” and “Bridges Out of Poverty Training for Professionals”, in order to better serve and understand clients.


Move Ahead Move Forward

Several years ago, the United Fund Board established the theme of Move Ahead Move Forward. It meant that the UF was committed to helping move people out of poverty, to help them move ahead in life. We know that poverty will not go away overnight. Changing lives permanently is hard work and we will continue to help sustain those in our community with programs that meet some of the most basic of needs. However, we also believe that if we don’t take decisive action to change the course, the ever-growing need for assistance might ultimately outgrow our resources. We also believe strongly in the dignity of each individual to participate in the community to the fullest and that begins with being able to take care of one’s self.

We have come to realize that to really help someone move out of poverty requires so much more than simply helping them with basic needs. It involves education, training, and collaborating with other systems. It means challenging the programs we support to wrap their arms around those they serve, to care enough to ask the challenging questions. 

For our community it is vital to track assistance provided so that we can understand the full scope of the needs present in our communities and plan accordingly. Without that understanding as a community funder and planner we will be at a loss, always behind, working to apply emergency aid rather than preventing future crisis. 


We have the tools to make this happen and the desire of so many to ensure that this community remains a great place to live! Please consider joining us as we Move Ahead Move Forward. There are many ways to support this important work. Your support is absolutely needed! If you need help in discovering some way you can help, let us know!

 Norwalk United Fund History

A Tradition of Caring…

United Fund has been a proud part of our successful community since 1877. We hold an annual campaign in Monroeville, Norwalk, Collins and Wakeman to fund local programs that have been proven to help our neighbors. We may not collect firewood as we did in 1877, but with your help we will be there to fund essential programs. Our name has changed since our organizations inception, but never our tradition of caring..

  • 1877: Ladies Union Aid Society is founded to “help those who cannot help themselves.” 
  • 1884: Union Relief Society of Norwalk. 
  • 1907: The Smile Club 
  • 1924: Norwalk Community Chest. 
  • 1961: Norwalk Area United Fund