About the United Fund

What is the United Fund?

  • The United Fund is local, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting the needs of our community and its families. We unite people and resources to improve lives and achieve measurable results in areas our community has said matter most. Education, Health, and Family & Community Services are our 3 Impact Areas. Programs funded in each area change as our community needs and issues change.
  • United Fund impacts our community not only by funding a safety net of services for people needing short-term, emergency assistance, but also working with other agencies and organizations to identify the underlying causes of our most critical local issues. We then fund solutions to address those issues through local programs making positive, long-term changes in people’s lives rather than just a short-term fix. We’re giving people the tools they need to move towards self-sufficiency, building a brighter future and a stronger community. Bridges Out of Poverty training is one of the tools we are using to achieve that end. Staff/Agency training, Getting Ahead classes for people moving away from poverty and a mentorship model are proven action that helping address the poverty issues we face as a nation.
  • United Fund is proud to be a well-established presence in our community for over 139 years. We may not collect firewood as they did in 1877, but we’ll be there as needs arise to continue our tradition of caring.
  • We serve the communities of Norwalk, Monroeville, Collins, and Wakeman, although many of our projects and activities are county-wide.

Our Board of Directors concentrates on 4 major areas:

We are a Community of Neighbors: 

Funder of Local Non-Profit Programs Today we fund programs through local organizations that focus on Education, Health and Family Stability issues.We fund programs that move people out of poverty and into becoming productive community members.Our annual fall Campaign to raise money funds these local programs – All of Your Donations Stay Here!All Donations Raised Here Stay Here.

Community Networking Our InterAgency Council brings non-profits, government, social agencies and churches together to ensure seamless communication  and eliminate duplication of services. Connecting to community resources. Let’s not forget 2-1-1. We will continue to sponsor this valuable help line that is available 24/7/365 to answer questions and get connected to health and human services. Huron County’s Charity Tracker database helps us understand what services have been provided to our neighbors, helping to eliminate duplication of service but more importantly allowing us to identify people who need something more. Case management and budget assistance to find long-term solutions is key to a successful future.

Community Researchers In order to fund solutions we need to understand our community – today’s problems/issues, today’s people.We gather local and state data from health, school, criminal justice, and human service surveys.Using that data, we measure results of the programs we fund to make sure they are effective and directly helping our Neighbors.

Creating United Fund Board Programs that Change Families People and the CommunitySince our beginnings in 1877 the Board of Directors has provided programs in our community as well as funded local programs. We continue that tradition today.As a local funder we are tasked to research current needs – not just keep programs in place because we’ve always done it that way – but change or create programs that truly change families facing today’s issues.Gathered data directs the work of the United Fund. In addition to funding local programs, we are creating United Fund programs that address poverty and long-term solutions in our Education Impact area of service. We provide BOP training for community professionals in order to more effectively serve and work with persons in need. Getting Ahead Workshops are offered for people living in poverty who want to grow and no longer live in day to day crisis.We are working with surrounding counties to achieve the maximum in training opportunities and success.

 Norwalk United Fund History

A Tradition of Caring…

United Fund has been a proud part of our successful community since 1877. We hold an annual campaign in Monroeville, Norwalk, Collins and Wakeman to fund solutions to area problems. We may not collect firewood as we did in 1877, but with your help we will be there to fund essential programs and continue our tradition of caring. 

  • 1877: Ladies Union Aid Society is founded to “help those who cannot help themselves.” 
  • 1884: Union Relief Society of Norwalk. 
  • 1907: The Smile Club 
  • 1924: Norwalk Community Chest. 
  • 1961: Norwalk Area United Fund