2017 Campaign Goal

We look to our 2017 Campaign to fund 37 local programs and grants! We begin fundraising in the fall so our programs can receive their funding starting in February and throughout 2017.

There are many ways to get involved, but one of the easiest is to donate money. Whether it’s $5 or $5,000, your donation makes an impact on your local neighbors.

We’ve reached our Goal three years in a row now – let’s make it four!

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August 2, 2016
Letter to Our Neighbors      

Remember a few months ago, when the lottery payout was so high, folks on Facebook were speculating how they would spend that windfall to help people? Of course, from my perspective, if you give of yourself and donate what you can every year that dream will come true. Anyway…if you had a dream…how would you really help people?

What community programs would you expand or create – no hurdles in your way – what would those programs be? What problems would be solved?

Our Board has been asking that question of themselves and of our community for years. For us, part of that answer was to embrace Bridges Out of Poverty constructs as a community initiative.

Our “Move Forward Move Ahead” Community Initiative, although still being transformed at every opportunity, started over ten years ago with our first Bridges Out of Poverty training in Huron County. Along with many individuals in both Erie & Huron counties, we made it a priority to offer training on a regular basis and start “Getting Ahead” workshops for people in poverty who wished to move forward.

We will always fund programs that help on a short-term basis (food, clothing and shelter programs) but we have our eye on the future – to help families reach self-sufficiency. Giving something to someone and say “see you next month” doesn’t allow us the opportunity to really know their situation – to go further and help them solve their crisis – to understand why they needed short-term assistance to begin with.

The hard work is having a personal relationship with our clients/patients to help them get ahead. To ask them what is really the crisis at this moment? You need assistance this month because someone in the home was diagnosed with an illness? Your car broke down and you can’t afford both the fix it and groceries?

Tackling the problems of poverty is tough stuff. Helping families in poverty is even tougher. But we can work together as a family of agencies and institutions:  Bridges training, Getting Ahead Workshops, call 2-1-1 to get connected with resources and Charity Tracker. Each of those 4 areas will help us understand what the reality of life is like for folks in poverty.

Bridges training for staff in our agencies, churches, businesses, health and education institutions will be offered in November for all of the counties in this readership area. The details will be forthcoming or call the office if you are interested in attending.

Our second “Getting Ahead” Workshop for folks in poverty will be held at Trinity Lutheran, Monroeville starting in September. In the interview for our first Getting Ahead Workshop, Jill* said “I feel like doors are finally opening up for me.” John* said “I was just talking to my friends about this this last night – about having an opportunity to learn and to help my family get ahead in life.” Our first 4 graduates will be starting a learning series called the Pipeline. They will have input into how it will be developed. If we get the funding, we plan two “Getting Ahead” and two Pipeline sessions per year. Like I said – this is the tough stuff – we need volunteers and funding to continue this successful process that is being used nationwide.

Charity Tracker and 2-1-1 are proving to be very valuable as we collect data about the needs our families have and what we can do to help solve problems.

In addition, our volunteers are in the process of making appointments with our funded agencies asking, “What do you see as problems in our community? What would you like to address if you didn’t have hurdles?“

We have three big meetings in the next several weeks with our committees, Board and agencies. We are looking at that list of wishes and asking, “What can we tackle as a United Fund family?”

We’re making a commitment to show our most vulnerable families what a successful future can look like and help them complete the circle.

Linda Bersche, 

Executive Director

The United Fund has provided programs and funded community programs in the communities of Monroeville, Norwalk, Collins, Wakeman and surrounding area for 140 years. 419-668-0269

Volunteer Opportunity!

It’s time for our big mailing – we need all kinds of volunteers who can help fold, label, and stuff & seal envelopes! Starting on Tuesday, September 6-7th at 9am each morning.

Please call the office at 419-668-0269 to sign up to help and bring your friends! You can stay for as much or as little time that fits into your schedule.

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Your $100 donation provides one week of tuition assistance for a student at the Norwalk Childcare Center.

At over 12,055 meals delivered by Meals On Wheels in 2014, your $50 donation would buy sixteen meals.

Your $100 donation provides twelve trips to the Dialysis Center for Kidney Foundation patients.